Confidential Map Data

It's very common to have sensitive map data that you do not want to be exposed to the public and Scribble Maps provides methods for keeping your data secure/private. In this article we are going to talk about security of maps and map data.

Secure Option

Our secure map option is the safest way to make sure that your map cannot be easily viewed. When this option is toggled on during saving, a user must enter a password to view the map.

An important note regarding this mode is that the original creator of the map (the account it was created under) will not need to enter a password to view the map and this includes the share map view. So if you are logged in to Scribble Maps and you are the creator of a secure map, you will not be asked for a password. To test secure view of a map you can use a private/incognito widow because you will not be logged in and can test the password functionality.

Context is Important

If you were to create a map with a marker on your house and share it to the world with a map title of "My House" this is not very useful to anyone except those who knew the map was from you, it would be no different than anyone looking at a map on Google. However, if you were to label the marker with your name, now there is a potential privacy issue.

Like many things, geographical data isn't very useful without context. This is an important consideration when creating any map that has highly sensitive data. If you forgot to log out, or left a map open, what kind of information could a stranger gleam from it?

Explicit names should always be avoided when possible with any kind of confidential data and this includes map data as well.

Limiting Access

The more people that can access data, the more likely there will be a security breach. When sharing secure maps for viewing, passwords should be shared verbally or through an encrypted system such as last pass. Sharing a secure map with your entire company with its read password will not be very secure.

Limiting Shared Data

If you have a map with lots of different data, you can leverage folders to group them by sensitivity or any other category. You can then delete all the folders you don't want to share and make a new map by saving the map with a new map Id. In this way you can share a specific subset of data to someone without sharing everything.

Further Info

We are constantly improving security as well as working on new methods for keeping data secure. If you have any questions about map security, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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