Embedding Map on Blog/Website

1. Login with your profile email and open the map you wish to embed to a website.
        - if you require help with this step, please follow the link:

2. Save your map under your logged in profile.
        - if you require help with this step, please follow the link:

3. Within the Save Map information there will be optional information or click the Widget/Embed icon in the top, right corner of the popup.

4. Access the same through the Menu Toolbar in the upper left corner and a pop up with options will appear. Choose Widget/embed

5. Choose the map size in Pixels and what type of functionality the embedded map will have. If you want the map to be interactive or just an image. Clicking Preview will bring up another pop up that shows what the map will appear like. 

6. Click copy to get all the Embed code onto your browser clipboard

7. On your blog post or website, Paste the copied code either onto your blog post or into the HTML of the page code.
***Please be aware that this widget is not compatible on any WordPress hosted sites (mysite.wordpress.org) **** The result is a link that will show. NOT the map image     

7a. This represents a self-hosted WordPress site:

Which will appear similar, depending on the functionality choice in Step 5

 7b. Paste copied embed code into the HTML code of your website

Which should appear similar to the following depending on what functionality chosen in Step 5

For further information, a YouTube video with the instructions are shown with earlier version of Scribble Maps on the following:

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