Multi User Management and Collaboration

Collaboration options are available to you as a VIP or Free user on Scribble Maps. 

When working on a map with two or more other people and someone makes changes to a map while you are working on it, you will be given a prompt like this.


'Merge' will pull the most recent map, combine it with yours, and save the result.

*For a more extensive explanation of the merge process, follow this link:

'Overwrite' will save only your changes and skip merging.

We also added a "merge" option to the load/import menu. This will allow you to save maps with different Map Id, and merge them together. Merge works differently than import that if an overlay already exists, it will not create a duplicate.

When you save your map, there is a "Manage Users" button just under the autosave checkbox.

To extend permissions to other people to either be "Admin", to "Editor" or "Viewer" there is a manage users function which is available for up to 3 free users or with VIP - 5 free users and unlimited VIP users. 

The following explains the different permission levels:

An admin can view, edit, and manage users. It should be noted that if you are the creator of the map, you will always have ultimate control and you never to need to add your self.


An editor can view and edit a map but does not have the ability to manage users.


A viewer can view a map. This is most relevant to the "secure" map type. Normally a secure map requires a password to view. If a user is added as a viewer, they are allowed to view the secure map without a password but they must be logged into their account.

***  It is important that each individual is logged in with the assigned email profile given to them for the permissions to work properly ***

The full blog post can be accessed by the following link:

If you have any further question, please get back to us through this support help.

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