Map View Not Loading

Sometimes maps might not load on the map view page. While this happens very infrequently, we will go over some of the common reasons for it.


Both corporate and local firewalls can sometimes cause maps not to load. This is because we load data over SSL for security reasons. There is no one solution for this but things to try are:
  1. Disable your firewall
  2. Add to your firewall as allowed
  3. If it is a corporate firewall talk to IT about the issue and granting permission to

Browser Extensions or Plugins

Browsers extensions actually inject code into websites and this can cause problems. Try disabling extensions or sometimes a quick way to do this is to open a private or incognito window because the default is they do not have plugins or extensions enabled.

Map Was Deleted

If you see a 404 error this most likely because the map was removed. A map created anonymously can be claimed and then deleted by the person who claimed it. We always recommend saving with a password or even better saving while logged in.

Geographic Blocking

In some countries things like Google Maps are blocked, if the map uses Google Maps, this might cause it to not load in specific countries, such as China.

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