Scribble Maps Offline

There are a few items now introduced to the VIP version on Scribble Maps which make it possible to utilize the program offline. 

Save Image or PDF

To download a copy of your map as an image or PDF Click MENU and then the respective choice within the widget. Then follow the next link to Saving and Printing images:

Once the Save preview widget appears, use the white square to center the desired printed area within. What you see within the boundaries, will be what is generated on your map. 
For Free Versions of Scribble Maps choose .PNG and below 450 px square so that your image is generated without issue. 

For VIP upgraded accounts set the desired pixel range and/or PDF size and choose your file you wish to use. 

Print Offline or from your browser 

Offline Save + Offline Load

Offline save will save a file to your computer, and offline load allows you to load that file from your computer. This process happens entirely on the users machine so the map data is never saved to our servers.  

To save a copy to your map on your computer, click MENU then within the choices widget, click 'Offline Save' to obtain a copy of your map as a .smjson file and then 'Offline Load' to return a .smjson file onto Scribble Maps when you are ready to continue working on it online. 

Export Maps for GPS

Export your map data as a GPX file from Scribble Maps and then follow the directions on the following link for using with a GPS device. Or import into your phone or GPS device.

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