Operations & Analysis - Draw Line by LatLng

This screen allows you to do sophisticated operations such as creating exact circles, measuring distances along lines, changing marker styles in bulk and more!

To open the Operations & Analysis Tool panel (A&O), either click the gear icon on the top right corner of the workspace above the open Layers panel OR click MENU then the double gear icon with O&A noted. 

If the overlay panel is not visible, click the perforated design on the far right side of your screen where you see 'Layers'

Choose the Draw - Line - By LatLng(2) option

Following the instructions:
  1. Enter an Optional Title to the line
  2. Input a starting Longitude and Latitude numbers
  3. Input an ending Longitude and Latitude numbers
  4. Select a color for the line
  5. Click 'Create Line' to finish

A confirmation of Line creation will apprear and click 'OK'

The resulting line will be drawn automatically on the map. 

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