Cancellation / Refund Policy

Scribble Maps Pro Basic and Pro Business are subscriptions that auto-renew and you can cancel at any time for any reason. To cancel you can follow the instructions here. Cancellation instructions are also available in your subscription welcome email. We highly recommend cancelling through the interface as this will be faster than having us do it for you.


We grant refunds for any single past term either monthly or yearly if the refund request is made within 1 week after renewal payment. We do not grant refunds if the service is utilized to generate high res images during the 1 week period after payment. If there is a problem on our side, such as a failed cancellation or miscommunication of some sort, we will evaluate this on a case to case basis. We do not process refunds retroactively for multiple periods.

Not Refundable Scenarios
#1: You pay for a subscription and generate a large res image.
#2: Your subscription renews and you do not inform us within a week that you would like a refund.

Refundable Scenarios
#1: You have an annual subscription and it automatically renews. You contact us within a week to ask for a refund.
#2: You subscribe to the service and do not generate a high res image and ask for a refund within 1 week.

Problems Cancelling

If you need to cancel please contact us at We review all tickets every day and we can usually help you within 24 hours.

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