Region Highlighting Tool

Region Highlighting is a Pro function which will create a pre-shaped polygon shape in the region or country of choice with your pre-chosen colors. 

To start:

Ensure you are logged in with your Pro upgraded email profile.

1. Choose which colors and opacity the polygon will be generated:

2. From the upper right corner of the overlay panel, choose the paintbrush icon to enable the region highlighting tool:

3. Within the region search box, type in the required area and pre-made overlay suggestions will appear below.

4. Choose the desired region by clicking on one of the drop-down choices.


It is possible to choose the level of detail the highlighted area will have. Please note the following:

Using a lower number will result in higher perfomace

Using a higher number will provide more accuracy at closer zoom but will result in lower perfomance

It is suggested to use a mid to lower number on zoomed out maps with multiple colored regions for best perfomance

5. The highlighter tool will supply a preview of the overlay to be added to the map. 
Click 'Add to Map' to generate a overlay on the map.

6. Once the overlay shape is added, the program will confirm.
Click 'OK' and then close out of the highlighter tool. 

7. There are possible smaller regions available. Please type in the desired region in the search box. 

Please refer to the **Update** regarding level of detail in step #4 

8. It is also possible to pre-choose different color options between adding different highlighted regions.

9. **Important** This is a new tool and still in perfecting development. There may be areas or regions which have not been uploaded yet. Your patience is appreciated and welcome your area suggestions to add.  If your area is not listed, there will be no search results and then the advised course of action would be to search out a pre-made region overlay KML file and import it to your map.  

Importing a KML file article is on the following link:

Importing from Google MyMaps

To create a clickable region map, refer to the following article:
**Note** If a region added is multiple polygons and rests in a file, apply each link to every polygon shape within the file. It is not possible to apply the link to the file itself.

Create a Clickable Map

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