Wrong/Invalid Map Password

When saving a map if you get an incorrect password there can be several reason for it, here are some common reasons a password might not be correct.

Invalid Password Reasons

1. You are not logged in
If you saved a map without a password while logged in, only you will be able to save it while logged in. If you are getting an invalid password error make sure that you are logged in and the map belongs to you.

2. Map ID Already exists
If a Map ID is already in use by somebody else you will not be able to save the map unless you know the password.

3. Blank Password and Map Claimed
If you saved the map with a blank password and you were not logged in, the first logged in person to save the map will claim it to their account. When a map with a blank password is claimed by someone, they will be the only ones who can edit it.

4. Wrong Map ID
Map IDs are case sensitive, make sure you are not accidentally saving a map that belongs to someone else.

5. Wrong Password
Passwords are case sensitive and so it is possible to mistype a password. For this reason we highly recommend saving a map while logged in.

What To Do

1. Copy The Map
The easiest thing to do is to make a copy of the map to your account. This is done by going to save and then changing the map ID to something unique. This will effectively make a copy of the map to your account.

Important Notes
We will not recover passwords for anonymous maps. For anonymous maps we recommend just making a copy of the map to your account and working on the new map. We highly recommend always saving new maps while logged in as this will completely avoid invalid password errors. When a map is associated with an account the password can be changed and the owner will always be able to save it.

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