Pen / Curve Tool

It is now possible to create curved lines to meet your needs and specifications. 

To use this tool: 

1. Choose the 'Fountain Pen Icon' within the MENU toolbar.

2.Click the pen tool on the map to begin the drawing process. 
**Do not drag the cursor or pen as the line will be generated by your clicking on your next location**

3.Click the next location and your line will be created with a slight curvature. 

4. Control your curved line with end points on the black lines which are ending in circles. 
Your initial points are shown with a white square. (These are also movable)

a. By drawing out the controlling line, the arc of your curved line will increase and by moving the controlling line to either side, the direction of the arc will change. 

5.  By clicking on any anchor point along the line, it is possible to create additional curves. The same controls apply with the anchor point shown as a square. 
**Note** When the anchor is first created, the controlling lines are connected. Once you have unclicked them, they become separate controlling lines. 

 7.It is possible to keep adding additional locations along the same line which will create multiple curved lines. 

8. Once all the endpoints have been added, it is possible to control this action by clicking 'Lock Point Add' so that no more endpoints will be accidentally created. 

9. To save the curve and create an overlay object, click 'Complete Curve'

Once you have the object, it behaves as any other overlay object which is possible to center (Center Square Icon), lock (Lock Icon), edit  (Pencil Icon)  or delete (Trash Can Icon) 

10.  By clicking on the pointer tool, hover over your curve and all the controling and editting abilities reappear. 

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