Sharing and Presenting a Map

Sharing and Presenting a Map

Before we get started, the first step is to make sure you have saved your map. 

NOTE: If you have a premium account, when you save, you will have the option to make maps private or secure. Just remember that if you make them private that only you will be able to see them , and if you make them secure, only people with the password will be able to see them regardless of how they are shared.

Instructions on how to save can be found here:

Ok! Now that your map is saved you are ready to share it!

There are several ways you can share and present you map to your friends and others.

·      Share with Email

·      Share with Facebook

·      Embed your map in a webpage

·      Use a Shareable Link

·      Import into PowerPoint presentation

We’ll describe how to share using each of these methods below. 

Sharing with Email

1.    First select the Menu from the toolbar.

2.    Next select the Email Map option from the Menu.

3.    Then fill out the form with Your Name, Your Email, and Your Friend’s Email. Don’t forget to complete the captcha to prove you are not a robot before submitting.

Sharing on Facebook

1.    Again lets start by selecting the Menu option from the toolbar.

2.    This time we will select the Facebook Share Map option.

3.    You will then see a new window pop up to make a new Facebook post.

Embed your map in a webpage

1.    Again we are going to start by selecting the Menu option from the toolbar

2.    Next select the Get Embed option from the Menu

3.    Now you will see an new popup. The top area is filled with options you can use to customize different embed features. For example you can disable/enable zooming, change the theme, make it be a simple image or an interactive map, and change the height and width of the map as it will appear on the page.

4.    As you are making changes to your embed options, be sure to preview your map using the preview button, to get a feel for how your map will appear and behave on your webpage.

5.    Once you are done customizing your embed options, click the copy button to copy the embed code to your computer’s clipboard.  You can then paste this code into any webpage or website builder that allows HTML code.


Use a Sharable Link 

A sharable link is a great way to share a map! With a sharable link you can share your maps on virtually any social media platform.

To access our sharable links, we will need to resave our map. Lets get started!

1.    First lets click on the Menu option in the toolbar again.

2.    Then lets select the Save Map option from the menu.

3.    We can change any of these details if we want, but the what we really want is the information we get after we select Save Map, so give it a click.

4.    Ok now we see a new popup with lots of great information! Here you will find both a Share Link and an Image Link.

The Share Link will send people an interactive version of your map, and the Image Link will send people to a non-interactive image of your map.

You can share those links on any social media platform or any sort of communication service like WhatsApp, or Text Messaging and anyone who uses that link will be able to easily view your map!

Import into PowerPoint presentation


We are going to be importing into PowerPoint by first saving and downloading our map in the form of an image and then inserting the image into the Power Point presentation.

1.    First we will start by clicking on the Menu option in the toolbar again.

2.    Next click the “Save Image” option

3.    Then you will see a popup like this. You can drag, zoom, adjust your map, and select your image format. When you have it looking the way you want on the mini preview, click generate.

4.    After you have saved your map, you can add it to your PowerPoint presentation the same way you would add any image.

Click where you would like the image to go

In the insert tab, select pictures

Select the image from the files on your computer

And then you are done!

Please checkout this link for further instructions on adding images to your power point presentation:




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