Operations & Analysis - Transform - Smoothing - Bezier

This screen allows you to do sophisticated operations such as creating exact circles, measuring distances along lines, changing marker styles in bulk and more!

The Transform - Bezier Smooth will smooth a line. If you wish to smooth a polygon, first use the eraser on its fill to convert it to a line.

To open the Operations & Analysis Tool panel (A&O), either click the gear icon on the top right corner of the workspace above the open Layers panel OR click MENU then the double gear icon with O&A noted.

If the overlay panel is not visible, click the perforated design on the far right side of your screen where you see 'Layers'

Choose the Transform - Smoothing - Bezier Option from the A&O panel:

Choose the line or polygon

****For use with a polygon, please erase the fill area first ****
Editing Overlays

Follow the Instructions:
  1. Select the line or polygon which requires smoothing
  2. Choose the color of the smoothed line to create
  3. Set desired resolution in milliseconds (degrees in ms) (min 1000 : max 20000)
  4. Set the sharpness of the line to be created
  5. Click "Smooth" to complete 

A confirmation popup will appear and click 'OK' to complete

Click the upper right 'X' to close the A&O panel

Results will show:

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