The Hand Tool

Get Moving with the Hand Tool

The Hand Tool has many uses, the most obvious being the ability to move your map. Moving your map is necessary as you begin to customize it.

To move your map, click on the Hand Tool that is identified by a hand icon in the toolbar.

You can then move the map with the Hand Tool by clicking and dragging your mouse anywhere on the map. Dragging your mouse to the left will cause the reticle at the center of your map to move to the right, and vice versa. The center reticle will tell you data about that specific location including: the approximate name of the location, the altitude, and the latitude and longitude, all of which can be found at the bottom center of the map.

TOOL TIP: Hold the SHIFT KEY on your keyboard to quickly switch to the Hand tool while you are using any other tool.

The Hand Tool can be quickly accessed using several different methods while you are using any other tool. While inside the Scribble Maps editor, clicking on any marker that you have placed on the map using the Edit Tool will cause an info bubble to appear. If there is a URL linked to the marker, the Hand Tool will appear when you hover over the link, clicking it will cause the link to open.

While using the Edit Tool, simply hover the cursor near any line or shape. The Edit Tool will automatically switch to the Hand Tool. This method is not as precise and may cause other lines or shapes to move. Be careful when making selections.

TOOL TIP: Imagine that you are a visitor interacting with your map. The Hand Tool is what they would use in the Share Link view.


If ANY shape/polygon/highlighted region is created, the Hand Tool has the ability to interact with it inside of the editor:


  1. Create a shape using either the Rectangle Tool or the Polygon Tool (In the Layer panel you'll see that that shape is now called "Overlay")
  2. Click on the Pencil Icon located next to the shape in the Layer Panel menu.
  3. Change the name of the polygon shape (Overlay) ***
  4. Add any description
  5. Add a URL link to “” and Save

Now, use the Hand Tool and hover over the polygon to view its name.

To make sure the URL link works correctly, click on the shape. If done correctly “” will open in a new window.

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