Adjust Bearing of a Line Segment on a Drawn Line

How to Use the Precise Adjustment Tool to Change the Bearing of a Line on A Map

You can make precise adjustments to the bearing of a line drawn with the Draw Tool:

Select the Edit/Measure Tool

On the left-side pop-up, select “Length and °”. The ° symbol is the “Degree” symbol.

Click the Precise Adjustment Tool

Hover over the drawn line, then click on the Precise Adjustment symbol for the line segment that you want to edit. The Precise Adjustment tool will appear in the mid point of the line segment you wish to edit. The Info Bubble will display the Length of the line segment and the Bearing of the angle of the line segment.

Type In New Bearing Degree

On the pop-up, click on one of the locks to choose which end-point you want to remain in place.

Hit Enter and then Click Save

Once you've typed in your new bearing degree, hit enter and the line segment will snap to its new bearing. You can continue along the line segment by clicking "Prev" or "Next." once you're ready click "Save."

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