Printing Permissions

Printing Permissions

You may want to order map prints for a purpose, such as distributing offline prints or a book. Whether you are permitted to or not depends on the terms of the specific map data provider, such as Google or OpenStreetMap. Map data providers have terms regarding all map prints that use their underlying map data.

Some terms consider:

  • Whether the map prints will be used for commercial purposes.

  • How many map prints will be produced.

Regardless of the specific terms of the map data providers, all map prints are required to include the appropriate logos and copyrights.

Perform research to learn the terms of the map data provider

If you are going to order map prints, read the terms on the websites of the specific map data provider. Terms can change quickly. So check to make sure you are staying within the rules for using their service.

Do you want to print more than 5000 duplicates?

At the time of this writing:

- Google restricts prints to under 5000 duplicates.

- OpenStreetMap permits prints of more than 5000 duplicates.

For updated information, check the terms on the website of the map data provider.

How to change the map data provider in Scribble Maps

In the bottom-right corner of the Map View, click the map data provider’s name at the top of the base map selector.

In the pop-up list that appears, click on the new map data provider’s name.

You will see the new map appear.

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