Subscription Information

Features on Free accounts

Free accounts are great for individuals.

Registering for a Free account enables you to:

  • Create 5 maps.

  • Use basic tools.

  • Save 450x450px images.

  • Share maps with friends.

Features on Pro Basic accounts

Pro Basic accounts are great for businesses and professionals.

Subscribing for a Pro Basic account enables you to:

  • Create unlimited maps.

  • Use all annotation tools.

  • Print from your browser.

  • Import lists that can use 500 geocodes per month.

  • Manage overlays.

  • Create heatmap layers

  • Import TMS/WMS layers.

  • Use advanced search.

  • Use operations and analysis features.

  • Create 2,500x2,500px images.

Features on Pro Business accounts

Pro Business accounts are great for corporations and governments.

Subscribing for a Pro Business account enables you to:

  • Use all Pro Basic features.

  • Create 11,000x11,000px images.

  • Import lists that can use 5,000 geocodes per month.

  • Benefit from onboarding services.

  • Access recent aerial imagery.

  • Upload georeferenced imagery.

Subscription options

You can purchase one of these four subscription options:

  • Pro Basic

  • 1 month - $19/month.

  • 12 months - $168/year (save $60 compared to monthly).


  • Pro Business

  • 1 month - $100/month.

  • 12 months - $1080/year (save $120 compared to monthly).



All subscriptions are auto-renewing and you can cancel at anytime. See: 


How to upgrade to a pro account

Register or Log-in to your Scribble Maps account at

In the center of the bottom footer, click on the Star Icon or the text: Upgrade/Trial Pro.

A pop-up window will appear that has the subscription and payment options.

Before you decide to purchase, you can demo a pro account that has the saving features disabled. At the lower-right of the window, click on the Demo Pro button.

When the demo time expires, the pop-up window will appear again.

Select one of the radio buttons for the subscription option you want to purchase:

  • Pro Basic 

  • 1 month.

  • 12 months.

  • Pro Business

  • 1 month.

  • 12 months.

At the center-right of window, you will see the heading: Start 3-Day Trial.

Select one of the two payment methods by clicking the button:

  • Credit Card.


  • PayPal.

Follow the prompts and fill-in the information to complete the check-out process.

You can cancel the purchase at no cost before the trial ends.

Does your organization need multiple seats or training?

We do offer discounts for bulk purchases.

If you have any questions, send an email to:

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