Export map data from Google My Maps to a KML file

Export map data from Google My Maps to a KML file

In this article we will explain how to export a KML from Google My Maps for use with Scribble Maps. For instructions on importing a KML file into Scribble Maps, see here.


Login to Google My Maps.

Select and open the map you want to export.

Note: if you want to view the Google’s support page for “Download map info”, visit this link: Share, download, or print your map.

To the right of the map’s title, click on the icon: Three Vertical Dots.

Select: Export to KML/KMZ.

Under the heading, Export to KML/KMZ, click on the drop-down menu the currently says: “Entire Map”.

Select which layer you want to export. Or keep the default selection: Entire Map.

Check the box: “Export as KML instead of KMZ. Does not support all icons.”

Note: Do not check the box: “Keep data up to date with network link KML (only usable online).” This feature is not supported on Scribble Maps.

Click on the Download button.

The file will download to your browser.

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