Import map data from a KML file into Scribble Maps

Import map data from a KML file into Scribble Maps

In a new browser tab, open and login to Scribble Maps.

Create a new map or open the map you want to import the KML data into.

At the top of the Layer Panel, click on the KML Icon that has the tooltip: Import KML.

Under the KML File heading, click on the button: Upload File.

In the window that appears, find the KML file you downloaded from Google My Maps. The file will be located in your computer’s Downloads folder. Click to select the file, then click the Open button.

A pop-up will appear with the message: KML Imported.

Click on the Ok button.

When done, save your map. To learn more about saving maps, view this article: Saving Maps.

Note: Since the KML format doesn’t support all markers, some exported markers will exist as Layer Panel data while appearing as blank in the Map View. See the next instruction to learn how you can manually replace a blank marker with a marker from the Scribble Maps collection.

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