Imagery Refund Policy

Past Imagery Refunds

For past imagery purchases, with the exception of technical issues (on our side) or delivery is not possible, there are no refunds under any circumstances.

Tasked Satellite Imagery

It takes up to 48 hours to task a satellite and then up to 7 days to fetch the imagery. If the imagery has more than 20% cloud coverage, the satellite will be re-tasked which might result in further delays. If for some reason the order cannot be tasked at all, the order will be cancelled and refunded. Once the imagery is delivered there is no refunds under any circumstances.

Cloud Coverage

Clouds are always an issue with satellite imagery. For this reason we highly recommend checking the preview and also zoom out when viewing the preview. It might also help to purchase smaller areas to get a better idea on the quality of the imagery you are purchasing. If you purchase imagery and there are clouds covering a particular point of interest, refunds will not be issued.

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