Changing The View / Scale

You can view the video below on how to change the view/scale of your map, or you can read the step by step guide below.


  1. At the bottom right corner you will see four buttons which allow you to choose the type of map you will create, or map layer you will work with.

  1. If you click on this the "Google" dropdown,  you will see a menu that includes the following options.
  • Google
      • Road
      • Satellite
      • Terrain
  • ScribbleMaps
  • Road 
  • Topo
  • MapBox
    • Hybrid
    • Road
    • Satellite
    • Terrain
  •  MapBox Custom
  • Outdoors
  • Afternoon
  • Comic
  • Light
  • Contrast
  • Pencil
  • Leaf
  • Pirate
  • Whiteboard
  • Open Street Map
    • Mapnik
    • Cycle
  • ESRI
    • Satellite
    • World Street
    • Physical
    • Topography
  • Night Sky

  • Custom Styles for Google Maps


Identify the center of your map

Cross hairs in the middle your map indicate the center of the image in the map screen. Center coordinates can be found in the footer of the map screen. 

Scale Control

  1. The scale control is located at the footer of the map screen.

  2. To adjust the scale use the plus and minus signs on the upper right side. 

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