Markers - Create / Edit / Delete

Place a marker by choosing the marker tool icon in the MENU toolbar

Choose the marker design you wish to use

Enter the desired information which will appear once the marker is clicked.

After a marker or pin is placed you can go back and change it at any time. There is two options for editing a marker, the first is by using the edit tool, and the second is by using the overlay panel.

Editing a Marker with the Edit Tool

  1. Select the edit tool.

  2. Click on the Marker to bring up its info bubble and then click on the edit pencil.

  3. Edit the Marker Details.

Editing a Marker using the Layer Panel

  1. Locate the marker in the layer panel and click the edit pencil.

Change Marker Design

Once the edit mode is clicked as above; by clicking the design icon in the upper right corner of the popup, 
the marker choices option will appear. 

Choose the new design and follow the confirmation prompts. 

Flip and Rotate Markers

It is possible to flip or rotate the marker design with controls which appear once in marker edit mode on the upper left corner of the workspace. 

By toggling on the "Flip" checkbox, the design will become a mirror image. 

By using the circular tool, it is possible to angle the marker design at any degree. 


Adding URL Links and Media

To add media (Video, Images, Sound) to a marker, click the relevant icon within the marker editor.

For Video, enter the URL link and then follow the prompts.

To add images, enter a URL with the hosted image which is internet accesible.

To add sound, use a *SoundCloud URL" and follow the prompts to confirm.



It is possible to add media manually through the advanced editing with HTML code. 
Click the 'HTML' tag inside the editor to show the HTML editor code and enter the desired media.
(usually with an 'iframe')

To add multiple instances of media, it is necessary to use the HTML editor. 
Add the code and save, then multiple media will show once the marker is clicked.

To edit font appearance (size and color), while in 'Advanced Editing' mode leave the Title blank and use the description area for your text. Then you may choose font style, font size, color etc which will appear once the marker is clicked.

Delete Marker

Two ways to delete a marker:

1. a. Click the eraser icon within the MENU toolbar

b. Click the Marker to delete and click the confirmation prompt

2. a. Click the trashcan icon beside the Marker to be deleted in the overlay panel

b. Follow the confirmation prompts.

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