Printing Permissions (Book, Offline, etc..)

If you are wanting to use a Scribble Map in offline print or a book, whether you can or not depends on how many prints you are going to make and also what type of map data you are using for the underlying map. Keep in mind, regardless of the amount of duplicates you must include all appropriate logos and copyrights with the images.

Under 5000 Duplicates

If you are going to have less than 5000 duplicates, this is acceptable using Scribble Maps VIP.

Over 5000 Duplicates

If you are going to have over 5000 duplicates this is acceptable if you are not using Google for the underlying Map Data. If you are using Open Street Map or MapBox, you can have over 5000 duplicates. This is because Google has physical restrictions on offline print.

Changing The Map Data Vendor

In the bottom right of the editor you can change between different map vendors. Each map vendor has their own restrictions. With Google, if you are using a VIP licence, you can print up to 5000 copies.

Other Considerations

Offline printing restrictions from different map vendors change often. If you are going to be doing a very large run, we recommend also double checking the current offline printing restrictions of the particular map vendor you wish to use.

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