How We Make Money

Using Scribble Maps for free

You do not need to pay to use our service.

If you create a Free account, you can:

  • Create 5 maps.

  • Create 450x450px images.

  • Share maps with friends.

You can also create an unlimited number of unclaimed maps for free.

Pro subscriptions

We charge a monthly or yearly fee for Pro subscriptions.

Some of the benefits of Pro subscriptions are you can:

  • Save unlimited maps to your account.

  • Manage overlays.

  • Create 2,500x2,500px images.

  • Download high-resolution images.

You can upgrade at any time. To learn more about subscriptions, visit this link:

All subscriptions are auto-renewing and you can cancel at anytime. See: 

API licensing

We license our software to companies who want to include Scribble Maps on their web platforms.

To learn more about our API licensing, visit this link:


We have made money from advertisements, such as Google Ads. However, we currently do not have any third-party ads on our site. We find advertisements detract from the user experience.

***We Do not Sell Data***

We do not sell any type of data, including, but not limited to:

  • User data

  • Email data.

  • Anonymous analytical data.

  • Map data.

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