Creating Directions

Drawing directions in Scribble Maps work with through markers. You can draw directions from any marker to any location. You can also draw directions from one marker to another. It is possible to draw directions from one point to many and this has some useful applications like getting the distance of multiple different routes from one start location.

Open Directions Creator

To get start you need to place a marker and once you place a marker there are two ways to get to the directions creation panel. The first is through the overlay list and the second is through the edit tool > info bubble.

Method #1: Through the Overlay List

Click the red car icon in the overlay list next to the marker you wish to draw directions from.

Method #2: Through the Info Bubble

Select the edit tool, click on the marker, and then hit the car icon in the bottom right of the info bubble.

Creating the Directions

Once you have the directions panel open you can then search for a final destination to use.

1. Click the input next to the finish flag and type to search for a location. The location can either be a place or another marker.

2. Click the Draw Directions Button. You will get a prompt that the directions have been plotted.

3. You should now see the finish flag marker as well as the directions plotted as a line. The directions line can be styled like any other line. It should be noted if you are drawing directions from one marker to another, a finish flag marker will not be added.

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