Remove/Delete/Erase Items

If you need to remove an overlay from the map, there are two methods. The first method is to use the eraser tool and the other to use the overlay list.

Method #1: Use The Overlay List

You can remove an overlay by clicking the trash can icon next to it in the overlay list.

Method #2: Using the Eraser Tool

The eraser tool allows you to remove overlays from the map. Keep in mind it will not work on a layer that is locked in the overlay list.

1. Select the eraser tool in the toolbar.

2. Click on what you want to eraser.


Polygon Removal

When erasing polygons with the eraser tool, you must erase both line and fill and outline to completely remove it.

Line Removal

When removing lines with the eraser tool, clicking on a node will erase the node and not the line. If you want to erase the line make sure to click between the nodes.

Locking Layers

If you have overlapping layers, you can lock layers on top to eraser layers below.


If you accidentally remove an overlay you can get it back by click the undo arrow or hit ctrl+z.

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