Edit Overlays - Styles, Shape and Erase

You can both move and change overlays using the edit tool.

Moving an Overlay

You can move an overlay by selecting the edit tool and then dragging the shape you wish to move.

1. Select the edit tool

2. Roll over the shape you want to move until you see the move cursor (cursor will not be visible on touch devices).

3. Press and then drag the shape to its new position

Changing An Overlay

With both lines and polygons you can edit, add points, change color and erase the shape using the edit tool.

Change / Add to Shape

1. Select the edit tool like above.

  2. Roll over the node you want to change.

3. Drag Node to new position.

4. By clicking on a "+" node to move a different section of the line and add new dimensions to the overlay.

Drag node into position

Change Color

1. Select the desired color for either / both the line and fill by clicking on the colored square beside icon.

2. Choose the hue with the cross hairs or enter a hex value, opacity and lightness of the color

3. Click the "Paint Bucket" icon on the toolbar menu.

4. Click on the respective item to change. Hovering first will highlight the shape. 



Erase / Remove:

1. To remove either the fill or the line of an overlay shape, choose the "Eraser" icon in the Menu Toolbar

2. As above, hover over the correct item to remove and then click


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