KML / KMZ File - Import / Export (Create Regions)

When a finished design is needed for a region or postal code, there are a couple of ways to achieve the results. (ie. for Clickable Maps)

1. Manual Draw

2. Region Highlighting with VIP tool

3. Import KML file 

For extensive knowledge information about :

In this example, search for a map online with areas already created (ie. Postal Code)

The file will look like:

Login to your Scribble Maps profile and click MENU > Import KML 
Click the upper right +KML icon in the overlay panel

Follow the prompts and upload the downloaded KML file.

It may require zooming in to navigate to the area where the KML information shows on the map.
Any item infomation will appear in the overlay panel and can be edited.

Change the map accordingly to your wishes and save map

To Export KML File

Click MENU > Save as KML
File will automatically begin downloading

KMZ File

KMZ File is a zipped folder of keyhole markup language files. These files as is are not supported on Scribble Maps. 

To obtain a usable copy of the KML file inside the KMZ file, simply unzip the file using an online service and import the KML file as above.


KML files that are made with links to kml files will not be supported by the upload pocessor in Scribble Maps. 

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