Importing from Google My Maps

1. Log into Google's My Maps and follow the next directions to Export the saved map information. 

        You can export and download an entire map or just some information on it. That way, you can import and see your geographical data in other apps. 

         For example, on a map with cross-country driving directions and restaurants along the way, download just the directions so you can visualize it in Google Earth.

Export your map's data

  1. Open an existing map in My Maps.

  1. In the left panel, click Menu .

  1. Select Export as KML.

  1. Choose the layer you want to export, or click Entire map.
  2. [Important!] To download, check Export to a .KML file.
  3. [Important!] Do Not export as network link, unsupported in ScribbleMaps.

  1. Click OK to export

2. Log into your profile on Srcibble Maps and either start a new map or open the map you would like to import to and follow the directions for importing a KLM or KMZ file.

Importing KLM files:

1. Find the KLM+ in the top right hand corner of your map area. If you cannot see it right away, click on the speckled sidebar to open the fly-in window.

2. In the pop-up window, fill in the correct information with either uploading your saved KLM file or importing the URL link.

3.Return to your map and the markers will appear on your map.

4. Save map to ensure changes take effect. (Best done when logged into your registered profile)

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